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Prohibited Contents !
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Domain Names
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Upload your web site using FTP
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Types of Web Hosting

Most Popular Articles

Article FTP
  Once you've signed up with a hosting provider, you will need to upload your website to the hosting provider's web server. Once it has been...
Views: 867
Article Choosing a Domain Name
  You should choose a domain name that truly reflects what your website is all about. You should try and keep your domain name concise. If it...
Views: 583
Article Types of Domain Names
There are more domain names than just those with a .com suffix. There are many other suffixes that can be used, such as  .org, .net, .biz, .info...
Views: 558
Article Hosting a Domain Name
  Once you've registered a domain name, your domain name registrar will probably point it to a webpage that they've configured. This page may...
Views: 551
Article Do you allow Adults sites ?
No. We do not host adults web sites on our servers.
Views: 504

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